Gato tourner from Rodrigues…

Special post!

Mum has been to Rodrigues for the last 2 weeks and on her return back here, she brought a “gato typik rodriguais” known as “Gato tourner”

lol, want to know y?

Check out the pics….


Ingredients: flour, yeast(“lelvin”), sugar and syrup.

How it is made?
Flour and yeast is mixed, allowed to rest for about 1 day and then it is turned (“tourner”) as shown in the pics, then finally sugar and syrup are added to give them this color….



Frankly speaking, at first sight, it looks like a piece of fresh meat, with blood all over it!


If u are sensitive/delicate, u can even vomit, so beware!

The taste?

Pas mal, its sweet because of the sugar and syrupt and has the taste of “Piaw”.
Good to taste but after eating 2 of them, lol, i dont want any now.
3 of them (above) are still in the fridge…

So, that was me, blogging another page of my life, when i tasted the “gato tourner” of Rodrigues Origin

19 thoughts on “Gato tourner from Rodrigues…

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  1. Cki envi fr regime…conseillE de mangE gatO tournE :p par force maigri ha lol…. :d
    coz coment mange 1boute, gagne envi vomiiiii :S
    bleeuuurrkkkk wackkkk waccck :O


  2. YOUR post brings back fond memories of my childhood in Rodrigues and the time I spent preparing these cakes. It is not surprising that the taste is not sophisticated; after all, the ingredients are basic. But, to be fair, the cakes taste much nicer when fresh.



  3. Pa bzn manger sa zistoir la:s:s:s

    Mne try e results la ti horrible;)

    Beurrkkk beurrrkkk beurrrkk

    btw enkr ena gato la??


  4. mannnnn, you are reminding me of human flesh, this sounds soooooo delicious. Too bad its not the real thing :(. Its been a time since i killed anybody for consumption.


  5. to deepa:
    wai, ena enkor dan frigo, vine prend demain matin lol!

    to vissen:
    mo pane try mais prefer to pas trop boire koz en plis ki to pu deguele, to pu gagne ene mari mal o coeur si sa gato la presente devant twa :s

    to eddy:
    ya, it was nicer on sunday, when it was still fresh.

    to others prefering their gato cravate:
    but at least, try to taste it someday, si ena imitation dan morice, or peut etre our chere mbc pu cpv show recette la someday! 😮


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