HTC One, the One&Only!

In my hands since nearly a week now, the HTC One has truly no reason to disappoint anyone, at least not me. I know that this post is going to be a bit long but I will try to share my experience through a "brief" review of the smartphone. Read about my experience with this amazing device 🙂

Live from Infotech 2013

First of all, let me excuse myself for being in Infotech 2013 right now. I can't stop blaming myself but I had nothing better (or worst to do) since nothing has been planned (not yet at least) for my day off today. So, here is Infotech 2013 in some pictures and words.

[Guest post] Krav Maga Seminars coming to Mauritius

Right everyone, for those of you who do not know anything about defensive tactics system, you will be interested to learn that Krav Maga is no nonsense, relaitic and a very effective training system which comes from Israel. Read the whole article for more details on Krav Maga and the forthcoming seminars in Mauritius.

Les Ă®les de la tentation

Cette édition de l'émission "Investigations" de la chaine "France O" s'est fait parler d'elle à plusieurs reprises pendant les derniers jours. Au finale, j'ai fini par visualiser ce fameux reportage sur le net afin d'en avoir le cœur net. Après tout, on a tous le droit de découvrir ces "vérités" et "révélations", décrites comme la face cachée de l'ile.

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