Nomad Technician Behavior

Small Recap; This Nomad Technician was sent to my house after making request some 2 weeks before Since i changed my modem one week before, i stopped having problems The technician found there was no problems n seemed angry since he had to come to my place uselessly. He told me this in a rude... Continue Reading →

Beware of hi5’s Possible-Clone

when i checked my mail this evening, i got a mail from "hi5" with title "Jassica Horoianka has sent you a hi5 Photo Comment" Its always a pleasure n joy to check wat friends write in my profile, but the following things were not normal there was no pic of the sender in that mail.... Continue Reading →

Vacancy In Google’s Center On Moon!

It will b Google's New Research and Technology center on the Moon, known as the Google's Copernicus Center. and guess wat? Google is interviewing candidates for engineering positions. By locating a research and technology center on the Moon, Google engineers will be able to experiment with an entirely different set of parameters. For example, imagine... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday to ME !

before starting wiz anything, a big THANKS to all my friends who have organised and participated in today's event! it was the best party ever organised for me, among all those people whom i like and love 😀 i dont know how to thank them enough to show my gratitude to them, perhaps this post?... Continue Reading →

Dot TK – Renaming the internet

Malo ni, ko toku igoa ko Yashvin lol, dont worry, am not swearing at u ! its simply the Tokelauan Language English translation is : Hello, my name is Yashvin... What is this Tokelau??? Tokelau consists of 3 large atolls 480 km north of Western Samoa (dont ask me, i dont know either where it... Continue Reading →

My New Web Cam

Got a new web cam ( ViewCamPro from A4Tech Video 350pixel & Image 1.3MP) as gift!it is something that many of u have got but lol, i like this one very much!compared to the web cam function of my digital camera!this one, does not requires any additional source of light n the image is perfectly... Continue Reading →

humour 100% moricien

Wow, Mauritians are great! Simply too great ! Just Check out these 2 pictures below.... Just see how well centered the vehicle is parked 😀 For sure, "li passe so test conduire ene sel koup!" ah wi, mone blier.... cette foto a etee prise devant la banque "State Bank" de Reduit.... ah! haha

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