Are You a computer addict?

Yes i am ! Personally, i think i WAS some 16 months ago.... am now fully cured.... I can now proudly say that i can live without my computer, at least for some time, my personal record being 2months, the time during which my laptop was sent for repairs abroad! Do you want to be... Continue Reading →

Tagged, 70 questions!

It was a pleasure to reply to those 70 questions, after been tagged by James and Hans my 2nd favorite TV Serial : 24 (24hr chrono), first one being Malcom Currently watching the 5th season, 4 more hrs to watch And Now, here are the 70 answers!!! 1) Are your parents married or divorced? Married... Continue Reading →

UOM Engineering Tower

Welcome to the nearly brand new building of the University Of Mauritius... I invite you on a small tour of this latest bijou of the campus. Doing a class there is nearly nightmare, you will know why... I think most of the students prefer to attend a lecture in those old buildings rather than in... Continue Reading →

Bloggers in holidays while Uni Starts!

wow, thats a gr8 holiday for most of the mauritian bloggers... n who dared to say that we bloggers, did not have holidays. of course, it's rather a "Vacances Forcée !" in fact, is down since some days and all bloggers of type <name> did not have access to their respective blogs and hence,... Continue Reading →

Nomad, a perfect gift?

Nomad was mad again for 2 whole days & the technicians themselves took a long time to locate the source of the problem. But i wish to thank some of the customer care agents who have become very friendly wiz me, something normal since i call them at least 5 times daily!i have become the... Continue Reading →

Tagged Again by Kyu!

Unexpected tagging by Kyu But its a rather short tag wiz only 10 simple questions, nothing to worry then! Pseudo?Pourquoi ce pseudo?Dernier coup de coeur littéraire? aucune idée! le dernier bouquin sur ma table etait ....., oops, il n'en a jamais eu!Anime, manga ou comic US préféré? pas branché télé, mais j'adore malcom et 24... Continue Reading →

Download the internet!

Has any of you tried to download the internet? {check out picture below} I let you imagine the headache if you are using or even for the ADSL users who are bearing the consequences of the earthquake… Many of you are still complaining about the slow internet…but this doesn't seem to be a problem with... Continue Reading →

Nothing to post? then?

lol, i feared this moment since i started to blog:"What happens when u got nothing interesting to post?"This situation is unpredictable and the solution is either to dig into your mind to get something out or give some holidays to your blogging hobby until you get something new to write.Coincidentally, seems that i got nothing... Continue Reading →

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