Un peu d’humour

Sorry for my small absentism from my blogging space since some days....exams conditions 😦 well, i found a nice poem in my mail box, i wanted to share wiz u...here it goes Un pti poem, de mon mail 🙂 Les temps mo guette toi,mo pense loin... Les temps mo coster r toi,mo gagne plein... Les... Continue Reading →

ahhh! batte r panneau signalization

"Mone batte r ene poto signalisation" more specifically a "Cross Here" Sign post... wish to precise something... i havent gone into the sign post but my head struck the bottom of the sign post.. hurts? not really... funny? really, a lot. it was so funny at that instant, that we had to stop walking and... Continue Reading →

Are U LinkedIn?

just discovered this site a few hrs before when i went to an interview today 🙂 however i came across this word a few days ago when reading comments on Avinash's Blog... In brief, its a site where one can put online his/her CV (Personal Details, Academical Qualifications, Experience, Interests etc ) i registered myself... Continue Reading →

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