Online MVL/Declaration Payment – Unreliable Governmental Service

Hello dear readers

I just wanted to quickly share my experience while using the online payment system for the online motor vehicle license , which we commonly call “Déclaration” in creole. For those new to this, I will give a brief explanation :

All motor vehicles (and now, this includes a category of electric scooters and bicycles) need to pay a fee in order to be able to use the road infrastructure. Once paid, you are issued a small paper which should be normally be fixed on the vehicle in such a way that it is clearly visible for inspection. Failure to have a valid and visible MVL is an offense.

This payment should be done directly to the

  • Head office (or sub-branches) of National Land Transport Authority (NTLA) which was previously known as National Transport Corporation (NTA)
  • At the post offices
  • or Online, through the government online portal.

First time

I used the online system for the first time back in October 2021 :

After encounting a few issues, I was nevertheless finally able to get my MVL issued and printed.

Fortunately this year, the renewal of the MVL went on smoothly for that same vehicle.

Second time

And few weeks back, I had to pay the MVL for another vehicle. Since this is the first payment for that specific vehicle, I scanned the necessary papers and sent to the email address specified on the web site.

I was replied back “Needful done” after 10 days :

When proceeding to the next step, I noticed that the online system did not display logical information, namely, stating that the vehicle’s fitness expired in 2020.

It clearly looks like there was an error, so I emailed that department on the same day, i.e 17 November 2022

On the 21th of November, I was replied that information was updated, which I denied :

On the 25th, I had already sent them 2 reminders :

No replies ever came from that department.

Since the existing MVL was coming to an end, I had no other choice than to go to the post office and do the needful there itself.

Update : I forgot to mention that phone calls are never answered. Even the receptionist at NTLA is helpless as the concerned department never takes the phone. I tried at least 20-30 times during those weeks!

For info, the concerned phone numbers are : 202-2803, 202-2852, 202-2839

My advice :

So, if ever you need to use the online MVL payment service, please do not wait for the last minute. As long as it works for you, all good.

Long live the cyber island!

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