Hello, ki position Nomad, Emtel, MTML, DCL?

Hello,Ki dir? More than 1 week already, "orange p vender partout", but still, no response from the competitors, at least, nothing extraordinary in their business strategy from namely, NomadEmtelMTMLDCL Except a small thing from Emtel, you can now epin ur mobile with only rs20, instead of rs25. r for rabbit modem I tried to access... Continue Reading →

Lets play Snakes!

Level 19, thats where my cousin Neha and myself have reached till now, and seems that there is a long way to go before the end since it has 37 levels from what i read some mins ago. Hey Neha!, 18 nivos encore ena pu aller la! lol ! Wikipedia says: Snakes is an update... Continue Reading →

La police p viole la loi!

IT'S A SHAME for the Mauritius Police Force! During my lunch time today, i SPOTTED 2 police vehicles, both in PARKED ILLEGALLY, just in from of A POLICE STATION, that of Pop Henessy, situated some meters from KFC Cathedrale. hehe, as usual, i didnt fear taking out my mobile to take photographs of the scene!... Continue Reading →

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