Ki Serti??? Meteo Morice!!! Grr!

Incompetent!!! Its so true, and now its really confirmed!!! I do agree that weather is something natural, but if you cannot forecast something, why try to do it??? first false forecast, its ok, second one, still ok, third one, becoming to be annoying but with the Mauritius Meteorogical Services, its so obvious that each and... Continue Reading →

DCDMC Welcoming Year Party 2008

It was already the 25th Jan 2008 and the celebrations were not over yet!!! DCDM Consulting had its welcoming year party 2008 at Domaine Anna, Flic en Flac... Everything was so nicely organised and the location hmm! We had our dance floor next to the artificial waterfall and our dinner tables were set just some... Continue Reading →

TNT : Ki serti???

Voila ene grand mot ki ti comme-ci l'evolution ki siecle, ou plutot, our dear national broadcasting corporation made it appear as such. TNT, more than 1 year back, it was like if a gift(euh appx rs2000) sent from heaven but now am sure, many of us have strong desire to throw this away, at the... Continue Reading →

Working till (very) late

its practically 2am, we are still in office, working... we will be leaving in a few mins to get back home by taxi and tomorrow, we must be back to office at 830... all these hard work to complete projects due to be submitted, some parts tomorrow, and others the days after... Since nearly mid-december.,... Continue Reading →

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