This is not the best way to teach Trainee Police Officers

While walking in Port Louis today, I noticed several trainee police officers dressed in white t-shirts and blue tracksuits. (I later read on TopFM's web site that they were SSU officers). I was particularly alarmed when I saw some of them at a pedestrian crossing. As you can see in the video, another officer in police uniform was supervising... Continue Reading →

Taste the feeling (again)…

Latest news! You can taste the feeling again. The so-called "sexist" advert has now the blessings of the Minister of Gender Equality, Child Development and Family Welfare, Mme Aurore Perraud. The latter has issued a communique to cancel the restrictions brought forward by her ministry some days ago. Additionally, an internal inquiry will be made in... Continue Reading →

Donate your hair for a good cause

A few days back, my cousin posted a photo of her holding her freshly-cut braided hair.  It was quite a shock but while going through the photo caption, everyone understood the reason behind her decision. She was far from trying to look like a model and post pictures to get likes. In fact, she decided to go... Continue Reading →

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