(Updated) Are there any new prescribed limits for alcohol according to latest amendments of Road Traffic Act

Update (29 Nov 2016) : The modifications brought to the existing law is somewhat confusing because there have been different versions, including the one initially published on my blog. For this reason, I decided to edit this page accordingly, until an official version is available. Thanks for your comprehension! ~ Since some days, the media... Continue Reading →

Bane Americains fine virer mam….

Mo pas ene expert dans elections en amerique mais reziltats azordi fine montrer ki majorité bane americains fine virer mam en votant Trump comme prezidant plis grand puissance du monde. Etrangement, ena imper similarités entre elections 2014 moris et sa elections l'amerik la... Obama ine faire 2 mandats comme president, pareille kouma lerwa lion Navin Nouvo... Continue Reading →

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