Discover the world of photography

After introducing the world of blogging to many among you (?), today I invite you to discover the art known as photography. In this post, I would like to share my little experience gained since the last weeks and hopefully, some of you may found it useful. Tips from professionals and other amateurs are also welcomed 🙂

The journey of a Solar Water Heater

More than 5 months... That's the time elapsed between the application and the delivery of a new solar water heater! Read more about the different milestones in acquiring this heater while benefiting from the Rs10,000 free grant from the government.

Crimes stats on the rise in Mauritius, why?

The mauritian media is invaded with various cases of law and order since some weeks. In some of these cases, the victims turned out to be the ones who made up a fake story and the youngest one of them is a 9yr old girl.

What do you think would be The solution to our society problems related to law and order? Lets discuss!

Back to business? has been experiencing some server issues since the last days and hopefully everything seems to be back to normal. Let's check?

Un tombola de la STC

While reporting on the communiqué by the Ministry of Finance, the radio journalist said something very funny about the STC, which is responsible for various hedging issues in Mauritius since the last months.

This post is about some of the different errors made by the STC in the past...

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