Congrats 2 our lecturer!

today in our "Distributed Systems" lecture, we did something which i think made everyone pleased and satisfied for those who were in lecture ( physically at least 😛 ) we offered a gift ( glass-trophy) to our lecturer, mrs Dr Sh.Baichoo for 2 main reasons she got her doctorate for her patience toward us since... Continue Reading →

University Of Mauritius On Econo Mode

A lot has been said in less than one week regarding the financial state of the University Of Mauritius (Express) Initial Amount missing was 49 millions rupees but after negociation with Authorities, 18 millions have been arranged and most important of all, 11,8 millions of rupees are estimated to be saved if the running costs... Continue Reading →

Where is

Its neither a fish which likes to sing nor a site dedicated to show u how to make a fish sing! It was my favorite music search engine, especially to get direct downloads to any songs u need, ya any! just type it n the search engine gives u the direct link to download the... Continue Reading →

Quelle temps de chien !

its been raining cats n dogs since early this morning, here in north... Source but each time, something confuses me; What is the probability that the weather prediction becomes true? Below is a screenshot of what was predicted for this sunday's morning Source : MBC Thats y, its been ages since i have stopped watching... Continue Reading →

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