Building a fireplace for christmas

First of all, welcome to the first post for 🎊2023 🎊

Since the festive mood 🎉 is (nearly) over, some of us might have already removed their Christmas trees, lights and decorations. Nevertheless, I wanted to share a tutorial and a few pictures of how I made a lovely fireplace 🔥, which you have most probably seen in the video I shared on my Facebook page:

Items you will need…

  1. 2 long boxes ( 1 for top and another one for the bottom part)
  2. 1 large box (for the body)
  3. 3D stickers with a brick-like pattern
  4. Scissors, Scotch tape, black bristol paper
  5. 1 flame bulb model or normal lights to simulate burning wood
  6. Some broken sticks / wood to put into the fireplace
  7. Time

Step 1 : Cut the larger box to make the fireplace

Step 2: Tape the top box and bottom box to the larger box, forming the base structure. Do not hesitate to use plenty of scotch to achieve this.

Step 3: Take the black bristol paper and put it inside the fireplace, so as to make a black background

Step 4: Wrap the front and side structure (except inside the fireplace) with 3D stickers

Step 5: Put some lights and pieces of sticks/wood in the fireplace

Important : Make sure to use led lights, which do not generate heat.

I personally purchased a flame bulb 💡 which is ideal here.

Step 6: Add some decorations

The fireplace is now done!

My first attempt was not perfect but we totally ❤️ it!

There’s definitely areas of improvement, especially for the 3D stickers cutouts. Also, the size of the end product will directly depend on the size of the boxes, so be sure to start hunting for them in supermarkets long before xmas. If someone recently got a new fridge or tv set, do not throw the box 📦 away!!! Additionally, I used my smart plugs to control the lights, enabling me to switch on by saying “Hey Google, turn on christmas lights!”

The whole process can take some 2-3 hours and since we are using whole boxes, the fireplace will be pretty solid. Only disadvantage is that you won’t be able to fold it to keep it, so, the moment you made the fireplace for christmas, you have a fireplace for the whole 🗓️ year, haha!

Hope you liked the idea!

Wish all of you a merry year 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣3️⃣ ahead!

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