What u expect for future tv competitions?

As you have guessed. our national television is back into this blog for this topic... The idea of this post came when my mum called me to have a look at whats going on the tv. Since some years, the national television has broadcasted loads of local productions, including singing, dancing competitions, quizs and also, out-door competitions. However, (some of) their programs are beurkkkkk!

Introducing guest articles…

Since the last months, the mauritian blogosphere has been growing significantly, not only in the number of mauritian blogs on the web but also in the increasing interest of our people. I invite you to write guest articles for my blog here. Interested?

Mentalité voisin Moricien

Mais ene mentalité dimoune ki pu mari difficile pu changé, sirtout si li ene moricien.... Most tourists talk only good about Mauritians, our way of living, kind hearted and above all, very friendly and easy going... However the inside story can indeed be very different, am sure many of us must have experienced the bad habit of some of our fellows who make abuse of their power and the fear of people. Take a look at the pics here

Marchand sinois (ting tong)

Since my early childhood, I have always known him as "Marchand Sinois" or even "Ting Tong", a name given to him surely because of the siren which announces his arrival in the next minutes. Filled with sweets of various varieties, he usually works in the northern part of the island, travelling in his small white car, transformed into a 'van' type vehicle.

Fog/Mist in Port Louis!

When I reached Port Louis today, I noticed something strange... Not only that Port Louis was a bit "desert", but something which I noticed for the first time, in the capital. Some parts of Port Louis were covered with something which looked like "brouillard".

Yupi no school!

Youpiiiii, due to heavy rainfall since yesterday night, no school today for primary, secondary and tertiary students. Want to know the reasons why I am happy? lol, no traffic jam, no school bus, and so more...

I hate you Itunes!

Itunes has completely re-organised my music files, and its a complete mess! I have been taking great care to put my files into folders, first by its year, and then by the different music albums.

Mauritian bloggers, you are wanted!

As a blogger, It is sometimes necessary that you take things from another angle, different from that of everybody else around you. This encourages other people to voice out their opinions too, thus causing a (huge?) uproar about certain topics. Still, I haven't yet mentioned examples where bloggers may land (or landed) into problems while denoucing/criticizing different practices in our daily life.

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