Upgrading to iPhone 14

A last post for the year…

After using my iPhone 11 for 2 and a half years, I recently upgraded to the latest but most basic version of the iPhone 14, released 3 months ago. The main reason for upgrading might be surprising : Since the 11 was in very good working conditions with no screen cracks or dents, I evaluated that I could easily find a buyer and I would need to invest approximately half the necessary amount to upgrade to the 14.

The best deal

After having a look at various deals around the island, I finally decided to go with Emtel, where an iPhone 14 128Gb is priced at Rs47,890 with a free Awei 10,000 mAH powerbank, a 2% cashback when paid via Blink and 6 months of free unlimited internet, free Emtel calls and free local SMS. With all the goodies :

iPhone 14 128GbRs 47, 890
2% cashback via BlinkRs 958
6 months free internet *Rs1, 630
6 months free Emtel calls and local SMS **Rs 300
1 Awei powerbank Rs 800
1 Emtel desk CalendarRs 0
1 Emtel bagRs 0
Monthly credit of Rs50 for the next 5 months
to benefit from the free internet and calls
Rs 300
Total investmentsRs 48, 190
Total giftsRs 3, 688
Resulting purchase amountRs 44, 502

* Based on the fact that I usually pay Rs815 for 3 months unlimited internet on myT mobile.

** Difficult to evaluate, but let’s provide a Rs300 value just for the sake..

That is probably one of the best deals. or perhaps, the best one you can find on the island.

Selling the iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 was sold for Rs20,000, as initially advertised on Facebook, despite tens of people contacted me and wanted the device for as low as 14k! It took a few days but I did get the amount I requested. I just added a Spigen Screen Protector and the original charger in the package as I noticed that it was part of the box too, as in my blog post which you can read here.

Apple Fan Boy?

No. Else I would have an Apple Watch on my wrist, Airpods, Apple Homepods and Apple HomeKit devices for my smart home, an iPad and something like a Mac Book. Over the years since 2017, I noticed that my past two iPhones were consistently performant and efficient in daily life. They rarely crash, bugs are fixed quite fast, system upgrades are guaranteed for few years after device’s launch and above all, they retain a good market value. You are sure that you can sell an iPhone easily at a good price as compared to some Android powered device.

I nearly forgot to mention the camera – Ask anyone around me, I am always the photographer, despite I sold my DSLR a year ago!

Grabbing this opportunity to thank all of you for your time on this blog.

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  1. As always, informative and efficient in writing. Congratulations on your new iPhone. I have the 12 basic. Plan to retain until the next design overall.


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