Jori No1, version 0.5

I'm back :DI can't miss this post! 2 important events in this 5th broadcast The fabulous dance item from the film bagban The announcement that the twist round will not be considered when marking performance and in addition to this, as from the next broadcast, each participant will choose their own twist round item. well,... Continue Reading →

Big Brother is spying on us!

while doing a search on google, something new attracted my attraction 😛 So, like any other curious surfer, i clicked on it, asking me to log in it was amazing wat google has implemented... it was going to "spy on our virtual life" with our permission, on the top of all, online, independent of ur... Continue Reading →

Jori no 1, version 0.0003

pas cpv! fouf, zamais mone guet vilain koume sa lo tv! mo prefere pas dire narien plis ki sa! kikene ti watch sa? anyway, there were some nice performers mais ena vilain si p truv mayot ene danceur!p truv Producteur MBC p faire signal o millieu la salle!p truv jury signal chanteuse arreter koz p... Continue Reading →

My New Mob : N73 :)

i know u will be saying: "arrete glacer do!" but am suppose to be blogging my life... Ya, i bought a Nokia N73 today itself, however second hand, am not so rich after all [to the contradiction of some friends who are still looking for a treat from me at every of my purchases!] some... Continue Reading →


ya, u have read it right! well, yesterday (like many other times), Zainab and myself decided to play a bit to pass time n meanwhile taking notes and replying to questions... we remembered our younger days and decided to play the "Noms Pays Fruits Animaux" after some mins of play, we had to start our... Continue Reading →

Test Post by vicky

test post performed by Vicky on my behalf to check y i couldnt post anything on my own blog, since i was getting error 403, page forbidden! after all,i have been able to edit it n save it, something that i coulnt do yesterday n this morning, but still, vicky is getting the same error... Continue Reading →

my 22th birthday video

This video, recorded on 22 march 2007) is about the "crazing disef" session during my 22th birthday party organised by my friends.... hmm, a big thanks to Vicks for uploading this video (initially 60mb) also, u may want to listen to the latest remix (Indian Mix - Subha Subha) i made yesterday night...

Project Submission Over…

finally, today was the deadline for submitting our end of year project. lol, i was compelled to put the picture below, to please my friend the photographer, Zainab 😛 She absolutely wanted to see that picture here and i had to edit the post just for her...thnks za for the pic 😛 The extension of... Continue Reading →

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