Another UOM Part :)

Just got back from my last end of (academic year) party held at the University, from 16hrs to 22hrs. In Brief, the last semester's party was much more better, click here to read more dont ask me y they put it as from 16hrs, no one knows this and i ask myself, when really students... Continue Reading →

My first day @ work at DCDM Consulting

The First day was here..... Not exactly the "jour J" which everyone wants but i was really starting to get bored at home, nothing to do whole day.Officially more than 1 month at home (15 juin - Project Presentation day to yesterday, 22 July) so, i continue....having got my job confirmation on last wednesday afternoon,... Continue Reading →

e-commerce within mauritius?

The largest shopping mall in the world is operating all round the clock, millions of potential customers constantly on the move comparing prices here and there and placing their orders, which can take a few hrs to a few days before their delivery to the other end of the world. Recently, someone told me that... Continue Reading →

3 memorable years in uom come to an end…

After the huge success of my post about Internet Service Providers in Mauritius, today i will post about those 3 years(2004-2007) , which have unfortunately come to an end... With the provisional results that were published on last friday, many of us are now looking for full time jobs while others are looking for parti... Continue Reading →

Security @ Ebene Cybercity, Tower 1

Ebene Cybercity, Tower 1... the most intelligent building in Mauritius at least (thats what is being told) well, many of u have sure been there and may have seen the security deployed there,at entry, or before entering the lifts... The Control Room, has always amazed me... I would be grateful to that person who could... Continue Reading →

LOL, 2 funny tracks…

While going through my mp3, I came across 2 tracks which I found funny. Some of you may have probably listened to them earlier but let's give a chance for others to discover these two tracks today : There are Microsoft - Savez Vous Plantez Windows? Titanic - My Fart will go on....

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