Sick @t home & Remixing back!

Today am sick! at home... No no no, i really mean it, am suffering from fever and lots of pain in the back, since yesterday. Since yesterday morning, i have been at "atchouming" a lot and got some fever. I left office a bit early, at 5pm, ya thats early! Then went to the doctor... Continue Reading →

Gato tourner from Rodrigues…

Special post! Mum has been to Rodrigues for the last 2 weeks and on her return back here, she brought a "gato typik rodriguais" known as "Gato tourner" lol, want to know y? Check out the pics.... Ingredients: flour, yeast("lelvin"), sugar and syrup. How it is made? Flour and yeast is mixed, allowed to rest... Continue Reading →

Blackout! The day after tomorrow is here…

Bloooooppppp! Electric Power cut at about 1145am, today! Whole DCDM was in the dark and some mins after, we learned that Accenture was also without electricity, got confirmation from Mantasha n Yasmina...At first. i thought DCDMC didnt pay electricity bills. But when i learn Accenture also, experienced this black out, then, i said to myself,... Continue Reading →

DCDMC Orienteering Challenge!

Wow, that was fun but tiresome! As every 3 months, DCDM Consulting organises a different Company Event for the staff, and this time, it was called "DCDMC Orienteering Challenge", held at Domaine Anse Jonchee, near Ferney in the south-east. Preparations have been going since long, with me sending mails to all staff to make them... Continue Reading →

MBC again & me cooking :-) lol

The National Television is again in my post, they don't even care for their image, be it in their home-made productions and even in their day to day broadcasts on the different channels. They give the impression that there is no one who ensures a quality service or review what they put live. A simple... Continue Reading →

Orange Sitara, here is my post!

Did not really want to write any further posts on those competitions organised by our National Television, but, could not resist after that of today... I will try to recap everthing which happenned.... I as quite surprised, as well as most of us watching it here at home, after the announcement of the voting results,... Continue Reading →

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