New channels on MBC/MyT TNT?

Hi all, I may be somewat outdated on MBC TV, but I just discovered that there were 4 new channels on the TNT Package! Kouma dir mone decouvert lamerik lo map ! TVR (Trappe Ventre Rier) Then Deepa and Varsha told me that these channels are being broadcasted since some days ago...

Please update your blogroll!

This post is specially for YOU, all my blogroll members! After going through my blogroll, I found out that some (about 25) of my blogger friends haven't updated their blogroll yet and are still pointing towards my old domain. You are all sending potential visitors to the wrong address.

Winning an award & LOL equivalent in creole

I was awarded the EMPEROR BLOGGER AWARD organised by IslandCrisis where mauritian bloggers were required to vote for the best mauritian blogger 🙂 I wish to thank all the blogger friends for voting me 🙂 While replying to this post, I realized that we didn't have any creole equivalent for the famous LOL. So, why don't we come with something ourselves? I was thinking about TRR, which stands for "Touffer r rier"

hi5 copying over facebook?

I visited my hi5 profile after about 10 days, and I was surprised to see another new feature added! This time, hi5 had introduced Instant Messaging (Chat) on its pages, nice... Over the last months, many features have been introduced in Hi5, which were already on facebook.

Gmail introduces themes!

While checking my mail early this morning, I noticed that the color displayed by gmail is a bit different. I didn't really paid too much attention since I had just woke up but later in the morning, I opened the gmail settings, just like that! And to my surprise, I saw a new tab in the settings, "Themes"!

Get your deleted MSN contacts back again!

This is no spam lol, nor any msn fake adverts which ask you to click on a link to see who deleted you etc etc... Do you want to get in touch with people you had on your msn some mins before you decided to clean your msn contact list? I think that I have found a nice site to help you out!

3 Bloggers went to watch Dostana…

Today, the 3 bloggers (Varsha, Dhaneesha and myself) went to watch Dostana at Star Caudan, accompanied by the 2 readers (Deepa and Neha) lol. 100% laughter guaranteed, Great Music, New location (Miami), New Concept... Dont miss it!

Weekend Campé/Kermesse 2008

Hello everyone! I will try to be brief, because I am super tired after this xtremely nice weekend, which ended with a tour to the Kermesse held at Gymkhanna, Vacoas. We hired a bungalow for 2 days at Pereybere, and got there on friday night. The bungalow was NICE ! Too luxurious but we tried a lot not to damage anything lol! Here are a few pics of the bungalow itself 🙂

Make Google SMS your reminders to you!

Did you know that you can make Google SMS your reminders freely to your mobile? I knew this since months ago, but I was surprised to learn that some of my colleagues did not know about this feature, which works even in Mauritius! How it works? First of all, you should have a google account or simply a gmail login.

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