Elections getting nearer : Prices of petroleum products decrease!

New prices applicable as from tomorrow, 22nd November 2014: Essence : Rs50.15 / L -> Rs47.90 / L Diesel : Rs41.90 / L -> Rs39.45 / L They can say whatever they want but facts remain facts : Price increased by the maximum allowable of 5-6% in March 2013. The prices set at that point of time... Continue Reading →

Anyone with your National ID number can get your address and names of people living in your house

You have probably heard about the different ways of checking if you are registered to vote for the next elections. But did you realise that the electoral commission actually allows anyone else to access some of your personal details just by entering your National ID Number? Wanna give a try? -> http://electoral.govmu.org/portal/sites/electoral2014/default.jsp Searching for an... Continue Reading →

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