Viré Mam !

Viré mam! Viré mam! Viré mam! This should be on the top 5 hit list of 2014! It is unfortunate that radios can't broadcast this! Kudos to whoever did this!

Les avantages d’être proche du pouvoir… A lire dans ‘Weekend / Le Mauricien’

Dans l’édition de ce dimanche, le journal "Weekend" a encore une fois révélé pas mal de réalités méconnues par la plupart des Mauriciens. L'article de presse intitulé "LE SUMMUM DU NÉPOTISME ATTEINT CES DERNIÈRES ANNÉES : Protection accélérée des proches de ministres" doit être lu par tous les Mauriciens, surtout pour ceux qui veulent découvrir les avantages... Continue Reading →

President Obama & PM Navin… 5 years later…

Navin's meeting with the US President Obama has once more time been captured on camera yesterday during his visit to the United States to attend the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit and uploaded by the US Department of State has been published on their official Flickr account, just like 5 years ago.

Yashvinblogs Awards 2013

After the worldwide success of the first edition held last year, it is with an immense pleasure that I'm welcoming all of you today for the second edition of the unique and most awaited (lol) award in Mauritius, I named, the Yashvinblogs Awards!

Navin Ramgoolam arrested!

News headline of today : Navin Ramgoolam has been arrested by the police since Tuesday . While it might be a dream coming true to certain people, it is definitely something that has put a large smile on thousands of faces early this morning.

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