10 years of blogging

10 years already since I wrote the first post ever for my blog. I never imagined that the passion for blogging would still be holding a special place place in my life for so long and hopefully, for many more years to come. Throwing a party for this 10th blogging anniversary would have been a very good... Continue Reading →

Please note down my new age : 31

How many times have you seen someone being photographed with a birthday cake along with two candles showing the number 31? Well, I wasn't photographed neither but I did photoshop the picture of Dhanvin's cake for the sake of this post. Coming to my daily ageing project, I'm glad ( and proud) that I have now over 1000 selfies, shot practically... Continue Reading →

Gato Merveille

Occasionally, I walk to this corner of Port Louis where a woman sells "Gato Merveille" with some chilli sauce sprinkled over it.

Marchand sinois (ting tong)

Since my early childhood, I have always known him as "Marchand Sinois" or even "Ting Tong", a name given to him surely because of the siren which announces his arrival in the next minutes.

Filled with sweets of various varieties, he usually works in the northern part of the island, travelling in his small white car, transformed into a 'van' type vehicle.

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