Talk of the town at DCDM Consulting

The Quarterly Briefing is organised once every 3 months, and usually comprises of presentations talking about a status of the company, projects etc, together with the presentation of some projects going on... Indeed, we have presented something so different from what other teams usually do.

[Guest post] Avishna writes about Pedophile

Guest article from Avishna : I was talking to my colleagues and they all agreed that the pedophiles have to be punished or hanged or shot… However we have never asked will that solve the problem of pedophile? Will people stop forcing children to such atrocities? Why do adults do this to kids, when most of the time they have kids themselves? A pedophile can be around you, your smiling neighbour, you gentle colleague, your uncle, your best friend, YOURSELF.

Say NO to Made In China !

They are everywhere, in the form of food and daily life products... Running away from Chinese made products may be a bit difficult but not impossible since you can be certain that at least a few things around you must have the label "Made In China".

Review speed limit in Mauritius?

Is it time to review the speed limit for certain roads of Mauritius? A growing number of new/reconditioned vehicles is using our roads daily, hence more stable, reliable and performing... 90Km/hr on our motorways, with 60Km/hr in certain areas around motorways and an average of 50 Km/Hr in villages..

Trade fairs in Mauritius

Today's post will concern the series of "Indian trade fair 2008, Pakistan trade fair 2008, magavaganza trade fair, xxx trade fair and blabla trade fair. Perhaps you haven't realised it yet, but by going to some of those trade fairs, you are not just going to buy mauritian articles, BUT also paying an entrance fee to shop in a fair where you get exactly the same thing on the streets or "shopping malls' of Port Louis...

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