Insolite: When photographers take their job too seriously…

Friday, finally 🙂 This calls in for a slightly different post and coincidentally, there's one. My friend A.M was lucky yesterday to grab something interesting while walking in the capital.

Les Minikeums!

Il est 15hrs et quelques minutes, tous les enfants et adolescents sont devant leur tĂ©lĂ©, en train d'attendre impatiemment le debut de Minikeums! MalgrĂ©s que la cloche de l'Ă©cole viens juste de retentir, tous le monde est au rendez-vous quotidien, pret a dĂ©lirer avec les blagues et aussi pleins de ptits sĂ©ries proposĂ©s dans Les... Continue Reading →

Gato tourner from Rodrigues…

Special post! Mum has been to Rodrigues for the last 2 weeks and on her return back here, she brought a "gato typik rodriguais" known as "Gato tourner" lol, want to know y? Check out the pics.... Ingredients: flour, yeast("lelvin"), sugar and syrup. How it is made? Flour and yeast is mixed, allowed to rest... Continue Reading →

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