2morrow ends my rulz as a student…

first of all, sorry for being absent on the net these days. Since last wednesday, been suffering from severe fever, pains, and now gastric problems, a real pain! & thats my 4th vaccin in less than a week. anyway, work is doing great and havent got much inspiration to write these days. However, tomorrow will... Continue Reading →

UOM en crise

The situation prevailing at The University Of Mauritius is somewat confusing, everyone giving their point of views. I cant say anything about uom, the way lectures are gonna be delivered, when, where and how, since am no more a student... but i wanted to write this post as an ex-uom student.... first of all, i... Continue Reading →

Emtel v/s Cellplus

here am i... back to blogging after more than 1 week. I was supposed to cover the infotech event, but i didnt even go there, so...lol my nomad tshirt is still hanging, waiting to be worn. lets come to the subject of this post. Since some days, am thinking of moving from cellplus to emtel,... Continue Reading →

vilain lo simer….

voila preuve: kant arrive vilain lo simer 😦 c'etait une semaine de cela... ah wi, manque ene vitre chauffeur ki fine ossi eclater, lol... dans tracas, pas ti pense pu tire foto :S 1 retroviseur + 1 vitre la porte + no blessés.... no comments....

friday, what a gr8 day!

17 10hrs: I was walking back to take the bus at the "La gare le nord", when i got a great idea y not blog this great day! lol, first of all, read the following letter [image format] i found this joke too good, while reading it together wiz Deepa...{she wanted to see her name... Continue Reading →

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