Nomad claims for a returned modem!

Nomad, the "high reliable speed" internet service provider of Mauritius is back in the headlines of! A friend, Nayar got a "Mise en demeure" legal notice today by post claiming money for unpaid rental and also for a modem which was returned in September 2009.

Nomad : Operation nettoyage!

Nomad is back on this blog... This time, 20 employees have lost their jobs at this wireless ISP. Do read the 10 reasons why most people hate this rabbit... Lots of nomad posts liked to this one, check them out!

Nomad wants to meet me, again…

Unexpected call ! In the evening today, i got a call from Nomad from Mr A.V.First of all he presented himself as the person in charge of communications and said that he wanted to discuss about the articles on my blog related to Nomad... He politely stated that I had the rights to express my... Continue Reading →

The inside of the rabbit nomad modem…

We already know the outside story, the various complaints, problems with the services, customer care issues, billing problems, technical problems with their coverage and loads of unsatisfied customers... If you want to read all those posts, this is where you should click! Now, i got some pics in my mailbox which i was sent to... Continue Reading →

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