Village, la ville….Ca continue!

After the debate about my previous post regarding "la ville & Village" and some interesting comments collected there, below is an extract of an article appearing in an issue of L'express. «My parents don't accept my boyfriend because he comes from a village» My name is R and I am a 19 year old woman.... Continue Reading →

Planning for a picnic

well, those mails we send among class mates are always a pleasure to read, except when it concerns assignment things, delays etc... here are some extract for a picnic to be held on thursday: from organisatrice(zainab): mone fer ene list tou ban zafer ki zot bizin amener, check out... Snacks (e.g biscuits, chips) : Mantasha... Continue Reading →

finally in hols!!!

The semester has finally come to an end! For sure, the semester was not so easy going with those assignments but it was much nicer than in Year 2! But the coming days are not going to be so cool as Big final year project to work on Assignments Revision for a test scheduled in... Continue Reading →


Before going any further, let me tell you that we are not talking about the Aston Martin that Our PM has bought... Here, am talking about the Aston Shell... What is It? It replaces the standard Windows Desktop and provides you with a host of new features, such as Sidebars, clock, weather monitor, animated buttons,... Continue Reading →

Bloggers’ Meeting

I reached Astrolab, Port Louis waterfront the first (at about 1050) but met them at 1110 since i didnt knew anyone of them, how they looked like nor their phone numbers to call them so see where they reached. Then finally i decided to walk around and ask a group of 4 youngsters whether they... Continue Reading →

Powerful Herbicide-Pesticide lol :P

lol, something quite funny happened today... Well, it all started on Sunday morning on which my uncle came to see meif i had any product to spray on his lemon tree so that they could grow better n kill other unwanted insects (bof, pu aide limons la grossi). I spotted a bottle fitted with its spraying equipment... Continue Reading →

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