New Road Safety Coordinator disapproves law for pedestrians

As published in lexpress (16th August 2015), Daniel Raymond has replied to several questions in regards to his new responsibilities as our new Road Safety Coordinator. As quoted below, he firmly stands against the introduction of new laws applicable to pedestrians: Q : Instaurer une loi pour les piétons, est-ce une solution ? A : Non, ça n’a pas de... Continue Reading →

No, a domain name cannot be ‘reserved’…

This news is making a buzz since this yesterday evening, especially among IT professionals and enthusiasts. <!-- Notice : This post aims to explain the topic to the general public, without going into technical stuffs.   --> As far as I know and unless someone proves otherwise, you can either buy a domain or not. Period. Technically, we say, register... Continue Reading →

Back from a short business trip to Reunion Island

Our mission on the island consisted of collaborating with our local colleagues based in the Reunion Island's office on a specific project. After landing in Reunion Island around mid-day on Tuesday, we headed directly to the office and started working straight-away. When we left for Hotel Belle Pierre late in the evening, it was already pitch dark and after dinner,... Continue Reading →

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