10 interesting facts about facebook

Facebook, one of the most rapidly growing web site is a very interesting subject to study and follow up, daily.... In addition to its official blog, there are lots of other facebook blogs (example All Facebook) that keep you updated of daily news.Every morning, I connect to these sites to be updated about the sites,... Continue Reading →

Nomad wants to meet me, again…

Unexpected call ! In the evening today, i got a call from Nomad from Mr A.V.First of all he presented himself as the person in charge of communications and said that he wanted to discuss about the articles on my blog related to Nomad... He politely stated that I had the rights to express my... Continue Reading →

These last days(20-22.06.08)….

Being short of ideas for an interesting post, i have decided to write about 3 pages of my life from Friday to Sunday(today). The last Friday (20.06.08), i had taken one day off to visit a friend of mine, Vinay.G, an old friend of mine, during the college days. We hadnt met since 4 years... Continue Reading →

Les Minikeums!

Il est 15hrs et quelques minutes, tous les enfants et adolescents sont devant leur télé, en train d'attendre impatiemment le debut de Minikeums! Malgrés que la cloche de l'école viens juste de retentir, tous le monde est au rendez-vous quotidien, pret a délirer avec les blagues et aussi pleins de ptits séries proposés dans Les... Continue Reading →

Around my life, in cartoons…

Being out of ideas to blog, i finally ended with a long post illustrating some parts of my life (and around me), through cartoons... For some people, working during a blackout does not really matter... Also, Faire palab (Gossiping) does not really depend if they have work or not.... btw, thats exactly the picture that... Continue Reading →

The inside of the rabbit nomad modem…

We already know the outside story, the various complaints, problems with the services, customer care issues, billing problems, technical problems with their coverage and loads of unsatisfied customers... If you want to read all those posts, this is where you should click! Now, i got some pics in my mailbox which i was sent to... Continue Reading →

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