The life of a blogger…

Normally, it starts at $TimeWakeUp, depending on the $Mood and $Health of the blogger, for me being at about 6am if my mood and health is ok. Like everybody else, bloggers do have their lunch, but, before starting to do anything, the first thing is to actually switch on their computer to check if there... Continue Reading →

to my valentine…

Something special, for someone special     Above picture has been taken and modified by myself... We had wonderful moments last saturday, x xxx x xx xx xx x xxx xxxxx xxx xx xxxx xx x xxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx x xx x xx xx xxxxx xxxxxx x xx xxxx Add a comment to see... Continue Reading →

Tour du sud of Mauritius by car

Wow! Postponed by 1 week because of Cyclone Gula, my plan was once more a success!!! 240Km along with Dhaneesha, Jaya, Mantasha, Zainab, Yasmina, Vissen and myself,  in my car and that of Zainab's. See our itinerary below (in red) in the map: Some of the most interesting places we visited: Rochester Falls(swimming there is... Continue Reading →

Cool Mp3 Ringtones 4 u:-)

Yesterday, while looking for mobile cool stuffs on the net, i found a link with lots of mp3 ringtones. I listened all of them and chose the best, the most original and cool ones(6mb total), to share with you, direct downloads from my server 😀 Dont forget your comments 😉     Click on the... Continue Reading →

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