2007 & its memories fading away, Welcoming 2008…

Being the last post of 2007, i will be blogging abt this year's event, followed by my expectations & resolutions for the coming year... For me, 2007 has been a year filled with lots of events   2007/2008 Uni's 3rd & Final year period being hard but as well much enjoyable as the other years... Continue Reading →

Happy birthday neha :)

hey bhai, mo l'anniversaire le 10 december.... lol, i have been hearing this since 1 month ago, everyday, like a countdown,Neha kept saying "30days left, 29 days.....10....5....2.....demain" 😛 Quite famous in her college, despite being only in form 1 lol, she is the smallest of our 'small' family, and every year we celebrate her birthday,... Continue Reading →

Bloggers, what are our rights?

As a human, we all have the 4 freedoms above-mentioned, accoring to Human Rights but many times, which blogging our views, the question arises again and again "Do we have the right to blog about this?" Well, yes, as long as u dont violate the existing laws in your country. The internet is only a... Continue Reading →

Gmail? Yahoo? or Hotmail?

sometimes it can be a real headache, just like when it comes to choose your mobile operator. Among the largest free mail providers, 3 of them are fighting to become The Best Free Email Provider, namely Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail(Live) A picture is worth 1000 words, so lets go wiz it! Lets compare! Gmail... Continue Reading →

What a day!

Wow, we had a blast! Since this is a personal blog with personal things of my life, this post will be all about what I did today along with my friends. Zainab, Yasmina, Jaya, Mantasha, Fadil and Myself met after nearly 2 months - We organised a small get-together, something which Zai wanted to do for the pasts one month... After picking up Jaya and... Continue Reading →

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