A visit to the freshly renovated Balfour Garden (Rose Hill)

Being on holidays for some days, I grabbed the opportunity to bring the family to the freshly renovated Balfour Garden. I haven't been there since my childhood days during which I clearly remember having fun there. And as usual, Google Maps was of great help : At a few minutes drive from the center of Rose Hill, the... Continue Reading →

Need a reverse camera for your vehicle?

Hello people! Before ever thinking about having a reverse camera, I drove my previous car for nearly 10 years without even having reverse or front sensors. Except for a few light scratches, I never felt the need to have any additional 'gadgets', until I purchased a brand new car fitted with a whole set of sensors.... Continue Reading →

10 years of blogging

10 years already since I wrote the first post ever for my blog. I never imagined that the passion for blogging would still be holding a special place place in my life for so long and hopefully, for many more years to come. Throwing a party for this 10th blogging anniversary would have been a very good... Continue Reading →

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