infotech 2007, ur expectations?

Since some years, Infotech Exhibitions has become part of our 'culture', if we can say it as such. Every year, thousand of mauritians make a must to visit THE infotech, which is supposed to be a window over our future cyber world, where we are already lagging behind by one or two decades. It is... Continue Reading →

OneClick Install, WordPress Plugin

I came across this interesting plugin and immediately installed it on my server koz i know it will be of great use to me. With OneClick Install, no need for ftp to upload your themes or install your plugins. Just install this plugin and use its interface to upload themes or plugins into ur host... Continue Reading →

Final Year Project Presentation

Finally, le jour J.... the day that most of us were awaiting since so long... I woke up much earlier than usual, 530am, to get ready in time, and prepare everything i needed for the day. ene coup aspirateur dan loto, ya, got the permission to take the car out to uni, special day, took... Continue Reading →

Testing Projects…

the la ligne droite final is here.... The Final Year Project Presentations will be held on this Wed, Thurs and Friday... just like tens of other friends of CSE Department, this week, i am rather busy in computer labs to test our software in real time conditions (Using uom network ) to find out small... Continue Reading →

My Remixes 2007

During my free time, i usually do some mixes with my Virtual Dj 3 - cracked 😦 Not all of them become pleasant to the ears but sometimes, it happens that a few of them become a bit nice... These nice ones are then uploaded on my site and i usually do some spamming in... Continue Reading →

yupiiiiiiii ! Holidays!

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! 1 yr completed, 2 weeks of stress, 3 yr course finished 4 papers, 5 modules including project and 100s of slides to reviseThe nightmare is over, at least for now To celebrate all this, my group n myself, went to Shoprite (currently the lendroit the plus branche and craze for uni students) hmm, pizzaaaaaaa,... Continue Reading →

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