Sick @t home & Remixing back!

Today am sick! at home…


No no no, i really mean it, am suffering from fever and lots of pain in the back, since yesterday.

Since yesterday morning, i have been at “atchouming” a lot and got some fever. I left office a bit early, at 5pm, ya thats early!

Then went to the doctor who prescribed some medicines and i guess he is a magician lol, he told me “to pu gagne douleurs dan to lecorps”. At that moment, i thought that there was no way to get it since i was only having fever…


After some hours, i got immense pain starting after a big atchoummmmmm! wow, that was hurting!

Today, i woke up and still high fever, so, i sent msn-ed Steeve, my colleague so that he can inform the others that i wont be coming…

Since i had a job to do for the HR today for the Parent’s Day coming soon, i started to look and prepare a Parent’s Day wishing card which will be sent to everyone in the office.

I came up with the following card, which i mailed to our HR…


In order to pass some time, I launched my Virtual DJ software after months!


After some hrs, i succeeded in making something quite pleasant to hear, without the boum boum which i like to make, lol.

Song Remixed : Kabhi Kabhi Adhiti Zindagi from the film Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na
Click to download

Oops, just got a call from mum and she reminded me to take my medicines, n lol, i did forget to take them after my lunch, 2hrs late!!!!

Have a nice weekend dear Readers!

One thought on “Sick @t home & Remixing back!

Add yours

  1. Heh…get well sOOn Big Brozer!!
    CooL ReMiX Ha EiN! Sa Mo kwar tone trop danC ar to ban remix la..koz haem p gagne douler!!
    Anyway..get Well soon! ZoZeF Rulzz


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