[Workers Rights Act 2019] Private sector employees, you are not yet entitled to 30 days vacation leaves….

Now that festivities 🥳 are over and you have been employed in the same private company for the last 5 years, some of you might have probably already started to make some big plans ✈️🏝 for the announced 30 days vacation leaves. If this is true, wait 🕐... I will probably spoil your mood for... Continue Reading →

10 years since I started working…

This day is somewhat special. It marks my 10th working anniversary as exactly a decade back, I stepped into the world which everyone looks forward to during their studies but yet, many regularly complain once you are in it! Yes, sometimes, I do too, impatiently waiting for weekends or holidays, just like school kids! Well,... Continue Reading →

What’s your dress code for work?

While dressing up for work earlier today, I flashed back at how different life was as compared to some years ago. I'm not talking about the endless hours of overtimes. It is more about how my dress code changed and consequently, my wardrobe too.

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