Bazaar dans l’assemblée Nationale

fuf! Enkor ene tigite et pu croire zotte dan bazaar!!! Wow, that was SHOCKING !!! Today in the MBC News, for once, i (as well as thousands of hundreds of telespectators) witnessed a very embarrassing situation as a Mauritian! bon, nu bouze lo creole pli facile ! Pendant séance parlementaire azordi, le 30 July 2008,... Continue Reading →

Underground Supernatural Camping 5.0

Summary The executive members of the 'Underground Committee©' was on camping mode since Friday upto Sunday(today) in the north of the Island at Mont Choisy, well not only Mont Choisy infact, you will learn why in some seconds... We finally ended the camping at Pereybere, in a luxurious bungalow, compared to the first one at... Continue Reading →

Orange Sitara goes even further…

Most of us complained a lot of times that Orange Sitara was completely copied from other international famous dance/singing competition... Well, seems they tried to be original, for once.... Since some weeks they brought a new concept into the competion.... They made the participants sing, dance and even the mentors had to perform live... And... Continue Reading →

Motorola V3 Pink lost…

Today, my cousin Deepa lost her mobile while getting down of the school bus. It was at around 15pm, in the school bus heading towards Pointe Aux Piments from Cosmopolitan College, Plaines des Papayes... It was a unique mobile, that none of us had seen till only a few times, a pink Motorola V3... Motorola... Continue Reading →

Installing WordPress on your PC

Well, my first tutorial for wordpress : How to install wordpress on your computer, for Dummies First of all, lets talk a bit about wordpress... WordPress is a blog publishing system written in PHP. All data is stored in a MySQL database. Having your blog on the web is a bit more simpler, for example... Continue Reading →

Some (illegal?) practices of filling stations

Hi everyone... Since some days, i wanted to blog on this particular topic, especially with the rise of petrol/diesel/gas... Perhaps some of you may have noticed this practice in some of the filling stations in our island, i did at several times, especially when the State Trading Corporation (STC) is on the point of reviewing... Continue Reading →

My new desktop pc

It was nearly a nightmare for me to take a final decision : A desktop computer or a laptop??? I took nearly 2 weeks, and finally i went for a desktop computer, which I bought today. Here are the technical specs; Core 2 Duo 2.4 with 2Mb Cache 19inch LCD Screen (its enormous!) 2Mb GB Ram... Continue Reading →

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