to my dear laptop…

To my dear laptop, please do not hibernate now, i have to tell you something that may be hard for you to store onto ur drive. Its already been more than 3 years now that u have been wiz me, sharing my good and bad times through my virtual life, more specially, u know what... Continue Reading →

Freshly graduated.

 The day is finally here. I can now officially announce my graduation in BSc(Hons) Computer Science & Engineering although the certificate will be delivered in December! Together with my parents, we reached Reduit at about 1245, just when it began to rain cats n dogs. All the graduating students were redirected towards a room where we hired... Continue Reading →

my pictures when kid :)

Some hrs ago, i took my Photo album (the traditional one), chose some of the pics, and finally used my mobile camera to take them into photograph(again)Its always nice to see those old pics which i uploaded into my site's photo album. Isn't it true that i am still as cute? 😛

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