UOM End Of Year Party

all good times have an end, unfortunately.... One of those good times was the end of year party, held yesterday in University & no need to say that i was there too... The party was "incomparable" and overcrowded! My Apologies to those who I may have knocked, pushed or done any other inconveniences while i... Continue Reading →

Student Bus Pass : Payer bane zens!

hmm, 20 Dec 2006.... Malheureusment, la fete est finie pour les etudiants de l'universite... A partir de demain, on dois tous payer dan le bus 😦 Et cela jusqu'a la rentree, le 22 Jan 2007 Durants ces jours difficile, on doit essayer de minimisez nos voyages et en profiter une fois que la rentree rentre... Continue Reading →

My New Battery Free Optical Mouse

thats gr8!instead of selling my mouse, I made an exchange wiz a friend who has a spare mouse.What a mouse!!!lol, Wireless Optical Battery Free Mouse from A4TechIf its battery-less, so how does it operate?Well, the Mouse Pad is the key to the problems...The mouse pad (connected via USB) generates an electric field which powers the... Continue Reading →

Dj Yashvin On the mix

hmm, its only me, in my cuzine's(Neha) birthday during the weekend... am only a novice dj using virtual dj to remix songs when i got nothing good to do... u can download some mixes from my site...

A Vendre : Mouse PS/2 @ Rs 175

A Vendre Unitek Mouse PS/2 @ prix promo Rs200 >> Rs175. Service and guarantee by Etech Ltd 😛 Used for not even 1 month! Features : - Cursor included and shape changes over different objects - Can be used wiz either right or left hand - Wiz scroll - Resolution 800dpi, can be increased if u... Continue Reading →

Nomad, bye bye 64kbps modem

1 yr More than 1 year with that fucking "64" kbps nomad... tomorrow gonna return that modem shit to one of those stands where am sure, they will be surprised & "bouche-bée" at its state! I had been using it for less than 1 yr since my cousin next-door used it for some time since... Continue Reading →

Tagged for the first time!

Oops, I have been tagged by Anoop... Thnks dude! The tag name : A to Z meme The first tag some 2 months since am blogging my life... Good way if u want to know more about me! Continue reading if u r ready... A - Available/single? hmm, let me think....none of above...am committed and... Continue Reading →

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