Tamasa.mu was hacked today…

Tamasa, a petites annonces (classified ads) web site was hacked early this morning. The front page was changed, and a mass mail was sent to all registered members. However, the cracker/or hacker did a big mistake... His IP was logged!

Mauritian Blog of the Year 2008

YAY! I have been awarded as the "Mauritian Blog of the Year 2008" organised by IslandCrisis, in which both bloggers and readers had to vote for the best blog. Thanks for your votes and your support to this blog, as well as that of Dhaneesha and Dakshinee.

Chaow 2008, a new adventure now begins for 2009…

Since the last 2 years, I have been writing about the current year, resuming my life and assessing whether I have been able to attain my resolutions. It is also an opportunity for me to set new objectives and define my resolutions for the next year. Lets see whether I have been able to abide by the resolutions I had set for 2008 and what are the 2009 resolutions.

Wonderful rainbow…

Early this morning, while returning from gym (ya, lol, ressi gagne courage pu aller), someone had drawn a magnificient rainbow in the sky. Very distinct at the start, it faded very rapidly and disapeared after some 30seconds!

Hilarious Mr Bean!

Who doesn't know Mr Bean? The funniest guy ever, who does things that you won't even dream of! lol I hve just watched a whole set of his series on DVD, so nice, so funny, so hilarious!

DCDMC Disco Night Party

DCDM Consulting held its annual End Of Year Party at The Grand Mauritian Resorts and Spa, Balaclava, under the Disco Theme. About 120 of the staff were present for this event, and loads of us were dressed according to this theme, despite the difficulty in finding such clothes in the market. All of our costumes were original, shining through the lights. At first, it was quite funny since everyone was different, unique...

Only big notes out of ATM MCB!

Take out more than Rs200 or Rs500 from SBM's-MCB's ATM and you will know the difference... Advice : Avoid going to MCB's ATM if you need your amount in small notes :S Its not always nice to get a Rs1000 Note when you select 1000 from the screen!

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