More strict law enforcement on our roads as from 27 July 2015

While speed cameras will be switched on again only in the month of September, the new strategy to enforce laws on our roads will be put into action as from tomorrow. No more double-penalty system. No more bulky Driving License Counterpart (DLC). No more hidden speed cameras. Instead a new system to sanction drivers committing... Continue Reading →

Missier Jean Pierre Bidasse

Bonzour Sory pou sa mesaz imprevu la.. mai mo ti bizin temoign n zfr loan ... Mo bann camarad mo bien konten zordi parski grace a missier Jean Pierre Bidasse, nu fine gagne n loan de rs 1500,000 et osi de 2 kamarad egalement in ggn laide de sa missierr la san oken diffikilter .. Mo consey... Continue Reading →

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