Watch flights in real time, right from your browser

Who hasn’t been amazed by airplanes? Most of us probably still remember our outings to the SSR Airport during our childhood while we were still in the primary school or spend endless minutes on the airport’s terrace to watch planes take off and land. It’s unfortunate that at some point of time, access to the terrace was closed for the sake of coffee drinkers.


Anyway, let me show you something new today, at least, it might be new to some or most of you. Technology has changed pretty everything. While some years ago, we had to call the airport to ask about planes schedules, this information was then broadcast on the radio(s). Later on, the departure and arrival times of planes were published online, on the official web site of Air Mauritius.

And what if you could see the position of those planes in real-time, without moving away from your computer screen or mobile phone? While this was practically impossible some time back, FlightRadar24 will probably impress you too. With the help of data captured from different (official) sources, this web site allows you to visualize live air traffic around the world with exact details about the planes as well as their path, flight details, GPS coordinates, speed and height!

For example, in the screenshot below, we can see one aircraft flying from Chennai to Mauritius while another one is flying away in the direction of Madagascar :

It can be pretty interesting (although perhaps unproductive) to keep your browser open and watch the plane approaching an airport. For instance, you can find the flights coming from Dubai taking a light turn when it reaches upper Plaine Wilhems 🙂

If you have come across this web site for the first time, don’t forget to share the link to your friends. That’s the beauty of sharing things and make them discover something new.


4 thoughts on “Watch flights in real time, right from your browser

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    I just woke up and tried to see about new post on yur blog and clicked on the website, a plane was already on air
    when it reached by my residence, i could hear the sound
    basically its accurate


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