Watch flights in real time, right from your browser

Who hasn't been amazed by airplanes? Most of us probably still remember our outings to the SSR Airport during our childhood while we were still in the primary school or spend endless minutes on the airport's terrace to watch planes take off and land. It's unfortunate that at some point of time, access to the terrace was closed for the... Continue Reading →

Experiencing Dubai

As I mentioned in the previous post, I moved my flight to Dubai much earlier than planned since I had already completed all my jobs in China.

So now, here is the post dedicated to the visit in Dubai.

Chandni Chowk to China

I am back! You simply can not imagine how I missed blogging during the past one and half weeks. No writing, no comments approval or responding, no daily sharing of news and posts.

Hand-pressing flash light

Since a few weeks, I was thinking to purchase a torch light, but not the usual ones. In fact, I was looking for one which recharges with some manual and ecological mechanism.

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