Viré Mam !

Viré mam! Viré mam! Viré mam!

This should be on the top 5 hit list of 2014! It is unfortunate that radios can’t broadcast this!

Kudos to whoever did this!

viré mam

7 thoughts on “Viré Mam !

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  1. I’d like to laugh, but I find it laughable only in a cynical sense.
    Everyone has been vomiting tons of bile and what not against each other for so long that we don’t know who’s more sincere (or who’s least insincere, rather) among them all.
    Yes, ‘comical’ is the word in fact to describe this whole messy circus.
    Mauritius, c’est un plaisir!


  2. Ou pour lalliance familale li paret. Kan aniroude Mort, so piti Pou vine PM – si li reussi Gagne elections. Pas suporte clan familiale , pro caste & et anti meritocrac. Rapel bien ki MSM le pepe anti abolition best loser & zote p coz menti avex promessee 5000 roupies pensions. Ki sanela one donne transport gratis pou vieux & etudiants Navin!


    1. apparemment ou pu l’alliance bolom emmerder ek so galant colone! ou fini koner ki pu arriver kan anirood mort, ou p fini decide ki zot promesse rs5000 li ene mensonge, b faire moi koner ki numero pu prochain tiraz loto!


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