Yo! You missed my birthday!

37th milestone achieved…

Yeps. It was my birthday yesterday and like 99% of people, you missed it. Another social experiment whereby I simply removed my birthday and restricted my posts on my profile. This resulted in just a handful of wishes from really closed ones. Unlike other years, J Kalachand forgot to give me a call. Instead, Courts Mammouth and Green Cross sent me their wishes…

After two birthdays in lockdown, yesterday’s celebration was spent again in special conditions: a “torrential rainfall warning”, as announced by the meteorological services. Bad times to say that you work in this service…

So, we had a good time in the sunny south of the island and ended the day back home, with a nice chocolate cake, to the delight of the younger kids (and older kids).

As usual, this boring birthday post also contains the updated video of my daily ageing project, now with a collection of 3300 selfies shot daily since 2013.

That’s all…

Long life to all,


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