General Manager of Beach Authority: “sa ban fransais la, bane sovaz sa[…]”


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More than one week since my previous article. I was getting worried! Fortunately, I got something new on the blog for you! While reading l’express yesterday, I was stunned by what the General Manager of the Beach Authority, S.Seerutun said regarding a complaint made by two french tourists: A “loueur de transat” (beach chairs) prevented them from staying on the part of the Pereybere public beach where he operates. I quote (in creole) :

Sa bane fransais la bane sovaz sa, pas pense zot trop bon dimoune! Zot inn bisin ale agass boug la, mo comprend li moi. Li bisin travay pou gayn so lavie“.

Traduction française :
Ces français sont des sauvages, il ne faut pas penser qu’ils sont des gens bien. Il faut me croire, ils ont dû importuner la personne en question. Cette personne doit travailler pour gagner sa vie.
English translation:
These french people are rude/boor, you should not believe that they are good people. You should believe me, they have surely annoyed the person. He has to work to earn his living.

Since, I can’t find the article on l’express web site, here’s a preview of the original article:



Luckily, I did not blog on this declaration immediately. Why? In today’s edition of the same newspaper, he confessed that his phone declaration was “just slip of mouth“. An extract of the press article:


Propriétaires vine locataires…

That’s another unfortunate incident which won’t have any follow up or action on behalf of the authorities.

How can a General Manager of such a governmental instance make such declarations? By insulting the french tourists, he clearly does not deserve his seat in that management.

It is to be noted that this incident is not a first of this kind. Even Mauritians have been denied to stay near some regions of public beaches occupied by these beach chairs. According to current regulations, only 15% of the length of a public beach can be allocated to the business of these beach chairs. On top of that, We, Mauritians are slowly being deprived of our own beaches for the sake of the tourism industry. Few weeks ago, part of the Mont Choisy road was closed to public, including part of the beach. while the authorities announced that the ban of vehicles will decrease erosion.

Where are the authorities heading us to? Mauritius: C’est un plaisir!

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  1. What a pity these popular places are now turning into private territories. I remember Pereybere many years back when it was peaceful and not so frequented as today. We used to have fantastic family holidays there. Today, I would not even consider it apart from having a meal there and passing through. Using a famous phrase I would say he can stick his transats you know where.


  2. Tou sa ban business la pas to existé avant sa…ban louer de transats…Ala ki arriver quand créer tou qualité activité pou kapav donne patente dans ban dimoune dans N° 5…zordi zour tou qualité patente, travail ek tender ban protégé dans N° 5 p gagné…


  3. Moi mo dire, traite zot couma zot traite toi dan zot pays. Dan UK/Fr to ene noir la peau ek ene moins que rien. Depi immigration ziska l’hotel/accom., nek raciste partout. Svp raciste pas vine dan mo pays, sinon bel likimama pou lever.


    1. Difference ki ena labas ek ici, c’est ban “noir” comment to dire alle faire boucou labas pou vivre lor pension chomeur et gat reputation ban “noir”…tandis ki nou morice, nou bisin banla comme touriste pourki leconimie tourist marcher…Donc en d’autre mots, zot pas bisin twa zot, nou ki bisin zot


      1. Mo ti envi Navin faire ene Mougabé r zot. Pena aucaine voleur colonial dan Zimbabwe astere. La terre ine retourne are noire. Nou bizin blier l’europe eke focus lor nou ti region eke develop kiksoze.


      2. Tone guet mugabe ki cav faire avec so prop dimoune?Tone gueter ki zimbabwe in vini dpi ki in met ban blanc dehors? Cav nou lapo noir, lerla zot faire imper grand noir avec nous 😀 , mais couma Adarsh Hasnah in dir, nou ki bzn zot, pas le contraire.


      3. Sa c’est prski li ene imbecile. So l’education bin tigit. Dan Maurice to ena graduer, nou pou faire ene pli bon travail. To pas nek dire sa ban voleur colonial leve paker aller. To bizin plane sa bien.


  4. Seeing this discussion, I would like to say one thing, well not related to this post but maybe indirectly. If we really want a solution, we need to own our country and our businesses first. What I mean is that we take the entire responsibility of our country in our hands and not delegate it to other countries. This is what is happening today in the commercial field, the tourism sector and others. I do not know the exact statistics, but we can see I guess how many Mauritians really own the huge businesses today. Not much, is it? If it’s happening gradually then it’s fine…

    In case Mauritius does not have enough competency in a particular field it wishes to open, then simply ask help from outside by hiring consultants and reaching for investors, but still the organization should be owned by Mauritius. Mauritians must be involved in the strategic decisions of such organizations, to grow up in that field and become competent enough even if we need to send our people abroad to learn. Most importantly people have to be very honest and sincere in what they do, which in my opinion is very scarce in Mauritians (Don’t feel bad hein). Ethics and Moral values, though materialistically mean nothing, but it is very important at every point of our life, be it personal or professional.

    I’ve got an impression that most Mauritians believe in getting easy money. That is you just invest some money, sit back and relax, and you get back a lot of money in return. A few examples these days, White dot, Sunkai and not forgetting the ones involved in our daily life, the lottery, gambling, betting etc. Come on people, open your eyes. If you really want to achieve something do it yourself, participate, get involved and not just make others do the work for you and you expect a huge amount of profit for yourself. Either be satisfied with what you have and live accordingly or if you want more, do it yourself. (I know many people might not agree with me but maybe we need to review a few points here). Our quest for easy money is what makes us easy targets for being conned.

    So just let’s be honest, be ready to take the responsibilities in our hands and move forward.


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