Flooding in Mauritius – National Mourning Day, the Worst April Fools’ day


If you are reading this from some other part of the world : No, this is definitely not an April Fools’ prank.

Two days ago, on the 30th March 2013, the country has survived the worst day ever in its history. After the torrential rainfall of the 13th February 2013, Mauritians never thought that there could be worst. Today, the country is crying the death of 11 persons who have paid for the incompetencies of authorities with their lives. Several of them have drowned in the muddy waters either in the Caudan pedestrian underpass or in the underground parking of the Harbour Front building (Mac Do Port Louis). Rivers and canals going through the capital have over flooded the roads, leaving them not only unsafe but also impossible to use. In several regions, the level of water has nearly reached the roof, sometimes even forcing people to climb on top of their houses. Bref, during these two days, the country was in a deplorable state.

If you want to have a look at the pictures and videos, you can head over to my Facebook profile.

Who to blame?

While some will argue by saying that I should not put the blame on others, I will rather say that the dreadful experience of the previous devastating torrential rainfalls and floods have not been of any use. The authorities have clearly failed in so many points. Is the role of the authorities only limited to the allocation of contracts to “petits-copains” and Soornack, giving public beaches to hotels and delivering speeches?

Mark my words : The consequences could have been less serious: lives saved and keep damages at a minimum.

Just to give you an idea of things that could have been prevented :

  • The Caudan flyover was transformed into a large pool with several vehicles trapped in the water.
  • Just inaugurated, the pride of the government aka the Ring Road was converted into the largest water drainage system of the island.
  • Concrete barriers built along lanes of the motorway has largely contributed to worsen the situation since the large amount of water had no way to leave the motorway.
  • For the second time within a few months, the Place d’Armes and Caudan area merged to form an immense muddy water bassin.
  • Several areas of the recently constructed Jeetoo Hospital was flooded.

Why? Probably the lack of proper drain systems and the incompetency of our engineers for their modern design. And our meteorological services? If they can’t forecast the weather, I think that it is high time to shut it down.


The reaction of the London Boy

And we have a Prime Minister who compares Mauritius to other countries even in tragedies. During his press conference, he mentions the climatic change which is causing several disasters around the world. How lame! Seriously man, assume your responsibilities as the prime minister!!! I agree that there are things that cannot be predicted like natural disasters but what about the recently road constructions, buildings and drains systems which failed???

I’m so disgusted by the persons in power. We have been going through so many tragedies because of the incompetency of people and the tolerance of the population. Unfortunately, we tend to accept things as they are.

Sincere sympathy to the families affected. May the souls of the victims rest in peace.

21 thoughts on “Flooding in Mauritius – National Mourning Day, the Worst April Fools’ day

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  1. I believe the day off 2d is a blessing in disguise! Many of us are free, and hence can help the needy. ena pa mal collecte ki p drouler, ek pa mal dimune ki p al lor terrain pu aider zordi.

    Last but not the least, PortLouis is still a mess. Needs cleaning before it can accept the huge traffic flow of a working day. Si ti faire dimune al travail zordi, ek la route ti blocker, 1 ta ti pu plaigner.

    Mais sa pa sanz nanien ki nu p paye tax pu bane buffon. Meteo pa faire so travail, national disaster committee pa compren em ki zot rol, ek RDA ki p ranzer em simer, sans ki zot realiser ki betise zot p faire. partou p blocker ek drain. kot ti ena si, in retirer.



  2. C zis dan mandat NCR ki ena sa ban degats la. 1 mari soy sa boug la. Pran conte le pep, li pou amene nou ti paradis a la derive r so ban imcompetence. li zis asoiffer pou le pouvoir sa.


  3. zordi pu ferme lizier dimune p declare conG public ek p promet sanzmen, dan kelK jour pu monte 1 monument dan plouis, aprer tou les ans pu poz 1 bouquet fler laba. aila zot compensation..nonsense. ine arive ler pu zot pran zot role ek pouvoir seryer!


  4. Is the rock about the meteological station true?:P

    My dearest sympathy goes to the family who lost members and i really hope they get patience to go through these days, its really hard to lost someone and i really hoped authorities realised that, i completely agree that at some point, incidents like that could be forbided , the lack of professionalism amongst people in power are what makes this country lose its true value, proper draining systems should had been implemented as per as i guess… The future generations are the one to be affected by such factors, God bless the 11 people who passed away and hope that their family have the courage to go through these phase 😉


  5. Wat z use of giving public holiday??? Those who have died due to the negligence of some authorities don’t deserve to be the leaders of our small island. they should resign from their posts. Nu Premier ministre li vaux zis pu al trainer dehor e car ena bn fonction embrasse ban fam n wat abt Anil Baichoo…… All these Ministers ARE CORRUPTED POLITICIANS


  6. Well, the blame is on the authorities, the obsolete meteorological equipment and the lack of any doppler radar at the station makes prediction erratic. Secondly are old colonial-era drains still in service. Those are already over-capacity, almost no new modern drains were built under the city itself. They still rely on upgraded 1900s drains, there aren’t even any capable drains which would evacuate excessive water from the mountains surrounding the city. Lives are lost when the government doesn’t properly manage the core infrastructure of the city.


  7. Our Dear Prime Minister said that a police officer has already informed everybody on the radio about the danger on the road around 1 30 PM…if someone is in a shopping mall, obviously he won’t roam around with a radio in his pocket. How come the people in those shopping malls were not informed that it’s advised to go home as soon as possible?


  8. Yashvin, you may have forgotten one major thing here: the sight of people helping each other out – the rope to help people escape from buses and other inaccesible places, others wading in chest-high mud to knock on car windows to help those trapped inside to open their doors, neighbours reaching out to those who they probably only nod to on normal days – putting in that extra effort to give a helping hand, and the many more offering food, shelter and dry clothes, should give us a glimmer of hope: We, the TRUE Mauritians, are not yet dead. We should build on that, even if both opposition and ruling party are trying to salvage something from the 11 deaths – yes both are guilty of sitting on their hands since Mon Gout (26 March 2008), and in so doing, spitting in the face of the Judge who made so many recommendations.

    Instead of desperately trying to ape Singapore and making wet dreams about it, just look at what, say, Hong Kong makes of floods: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Water_supply_in_Hong_Kong#Freshwater_reservoirs_in_the_sea

    yes, convert lagoons to store the flood-waters. It took them mighty balls and 10 years to do it, but they now have a reliable source of freshwater. And no deaths from floods.

    The cruel irony is that some Minister told us to pray for water some months ago. Now, the prayers are too efficient, and our reservoirs are all FULL: http://www.defimedia.info/live-news/item/29472-quand-mare-aux-vacoas-deborde.html while major parts of the country are still suffering from water cuts…

    Until short-memory Mauritians keep voting for the two political blocks, strategic partnership or not, billions of investment or not, I fear that there will be no other option than to accomodate the inescapable fate of having to mourn more deaths in the coming years…

    Mark my words.


  9. I saw on the news 😦 Can’t believe how bad it was! Especially when they showed images of the waterfront(where you walk under the road). R.I.P and condolences to the families who lost a loved one.


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