Who cares about the TNT “Going Digital” survey?


2 days ago, we received a piece of paper in our letter box. You probably did too. I remembered about seeing a tv advert asking people to fill in the piece of paper and drop it to your post office. Or you can also leave it with your postman.

Who cares? In what way will this change my life? IMHO, hiring a couple of persons to do the survey would have probably got a better response. Anyway, I think that the deadline has already expired. So now, Let’s do a survey on a survey 😛

Sincerely, who submitted the “survey questionnaire“?

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5 thoughts on “Who cares about the TNT “Going Digital” survey?

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  1. I have to say coming back to you blog after so long is worth it. I did not even know about this survey – whats its purpose anyway?? cheers


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