Les îles de la tentation

Cette édition de l'émission "Investigations" de la chaine "France O" s'est fait parler d'elle à plusieurs reprises pendant les derniers jours. Au finale, j'ai fini par visualiser ce fameux reportage sur le net afin d'en avoir le cœur net. Après tout, on a tous le droit de découvrir ces "vérités" et "révélations", décrites comme la face cachée de l'ile.

Weekend Campé/Kermesse 2008

Hello everyone!

I will try to be brief, because I am super tired after this xtremely nice weekend, which ended with a tour to the Kermesse held at Gymkhanna, Vacoas.

We hired a bungalow for 2 days at Pereybere, and got there on friday night.

The bungalow was NICE ! Too luxurious but we tried a lot not to damage anything lol!

Here are a few pics of the bungalow itself 🙂

Underground Supernatural Camping 5.0

Summary The executive members of the 'Underground Committee©' was on camping mode since Friday upto Sunday(today) in the north of the Island at Mont Choisy, well not only Mont Choisy infact, you will learn why in some seconds... We finally ended the camping at Pereybere, in a luxurious bungalow, compared to the first one at... Continue Reading →

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