Map of Mauritius showing speed cameras


With the first speed camera of a new type reported along the Phoenix-Beau Songes link road in a previous blog post, another blogger informed us of a new speed camera, this time at Paillotte, near the entrance to Candos.

This brings me to write this new post to map them altogether. This blog post will be updated whenever needed with locations of fixed speed cameras as well as those frequent regions where mobile cameras are usually placed.

As usual, you are the most welcomed to report any new fixed speed cameras. Pictures are the most welcomed. You can mail them at yashvin[at]awootar[dot]com.

The Map


  • Map initially created with existing cameras on 10 March 2013
  • New fixed speed camera at Paillotte (10 March 2013)
  • New fixed speed camera at Phoenix (11 March 2013 – Location confirmed by Muzzammil)
  • New fixed speed camera at St Paul (13 March 2013 – Location confirmed by Siganus)
  • Two new fixed speed camera locations at Phoenix and Chemin du Sucre confirmed by Bryan on 18 March 2013)
  • New fixed camera at Mr Bricolage, Trianon. Speed Limit = 80Km/hr (Installation late on this evening of 18March2013 – Thanks to Vicki Drawka, Jason and Rikesh)
  • New fixed speed cameras just before the Trianon Flyover Speed Limit = 80Km/hr and at Coromandel’s Eugen Filling Station – 60Km/hr (Reported on 19 March2013 – Thanks to Jason)
  • New fixed speed camera at Bambous Medine (Spotted on 20 March 2013 by Ruben M and Richard T)
  • @as_miii has reported a new camera in Terre Rouge. Unconfirmed location for now. It is somewhere between Dhanush and Winners, near an aluminium shop. (Update 21st March: The camera’s location has been added to the map)
  • Another camera at Terre Rouge, near the police station. Location reported and confirmed by Muzzammil on 20th March 2013. (Update 21st March: The camera itself was not installed yet. Only the 2 flashes).
  • Tushal reported the presence of mobile speed cameras somewhere around Gokoola to L’amitié (and vice-versa) at around 16:30-17:30, apprx 3 days per week.
  • Caudan Flyover fixed speed camera installed today, the 25th March 2013.
  • Grand Riviere (Near Indian Oil)  – Fixed Speed camera spotted by @yurit0s, 60km/hr limit – 27 March 2013
  • A new fixed speed camera was installed yesterday. The camera is shooting cars driving towards the north. Thanks to YasirMx and Yaasir K for notifying me of this one. (26 March 2013)
  • Roddy L. reported a new camera along Sivananda Avenue.
  • Additionally today, Jason(@Yurit0s), Richard T and Nilex Neer reported new cameras near the Stadium at Bambous and at the entrance of Domaine Anna.
  • New camera reported just at the end of St Julien, just before Lallmatie. Location confirmed.
  • Camera reported at Camp Garreau (Central Flacq) by Rohan D. Thagalee on 22nd April 2013.
  • Pont Colville – Fixed/Mobile speed camera – The police started to place mobile cameras or use hand held radars just after the speed limit drops from 110km/hr to 80km/hr, from Bagatelle towards Port Louis (1st May 2013)
  • Bell Village – City Center Flyover – It has been reported that the police is now installing mobile cameras just after the flyover to enter the city center. Direction – From Port Louis towards Reduit.  (1st May 2013)
  • New fixed speed camera reported at Petite Riviere (near Indian Oil) by Marga while I personally found the police using hand held radar at Jumbo Phoenix (5th May 2013)
  • yurit0s has a picture of the recently painted iron structure of the camera’s support (Bambous – 24 May 2013)
  • Today (2 June 2013), I saw police officers stopping vehicles along the motorway besides Supercash (Phoenix) while one of them was armed with the hand held laser gun.
  • 2 new fixed cameras have been reported along the A7 road (From Quartier Millitaire to Flacq) by Jason ( 21 Nov 2013). Exact locations have not been confirmed yet.
  • A new speed camera, the first in Triolet has been reported on 23 November 2013. It is found along the Chemin 20 Pieds, near the new TBS garage.
  • New fixed speed camera locations at Calebasses (motorway), mobile speed camera near Ripailles Roundabout and hand held radar near Montagne Longue along the new Terre Rouge Verdun Link Road.
  • New fixed speed cameras reported by Yaseen Khadun and confirmed by Preetesh Prayag added at Midlands, La Flora and La Vigie on 30 Jan 2014
  • @yurit0s is back with his reports : 2 new speed cameras, at casela and cascavelle respectively. (14 March 2014)
  • Reports coming shows another batch of speed cameras are being installed since the last days, namely at Pont Colleville, Floreal, Poudre d’Or Hamlet, Pamplemousses / Mon Gout and Piton ( 2 August 2014 – Thanks to Yurit0s, Mishna, Neecharl, Preetesh and Rwishi)
  • New camera report at Petite Riviere by Yurit0s on 12 August 2014
  • New camera report at Riviere Noire by Yurit0s on 2 September 2014
  • Ashvin U. reported a new speed camera in St Julien d’Hotman on 05 Sep 2014
  • I decided to update the map after a very long time.
    Changes made on 16 July 1016 are:
    – Phoenix Beau Songes camera moved from the Medpoint area to the new location along the same road
    – Fixed speed camera in Arsenal Near St Joseph
    – Hand held radar at the exit of Terre Rouge Verdun on the motorway in the north
    – Hand held radar at the diversion created following crack on Terre Rouge Verdun


Rambo has captured the guys installing the cameras (27 March 2013) : 


Speed camera warning signs are being placed in the concerned areas (29th March):


New look of the cameras (24 May 2013)



Hand held Radar Camera:

Mobile Speed camera in Soreze


Camp Chapelon

Installing mobile camera in Roche Bois:


Phoenix Beau Songes


Paillotte (Siganus Sutor reported this new camera)

Camera Paillotte

Phoenix (Siganus Sutor reported camera too)


St Paul (Siganus Sutor reported camera too)


Coromandel – Near Eugen Filling Station – 60km/hr (Credits to Jason)


Trianon 1 (Near Bricolage – Camera placed just before Speed limit change from 80Km/hr to 110Km/hr)


Trianon 2 (From Phoenix Towards Trianon Flyover – just before speed limit change from 110Km/hr to 80Km/hr)


Terre Rouge, near the “Patisserie” situated in between the temple and Dhanush (60km/hr)


Terre Rouge, near the two famous bus stops  (



camera bambous

Grande Rivière (Near Indian Oil)


RCPL Port Louis (Near Caudan flyover – Limit = 80km/hr)


Roche Bois Fixed Speed Camera


Lallmatie (At the end when driving towards St Julien) (Credits to Siganus Sutor)






Pont Colleville

La Flora (1st speed camera) :


La Flora (2nd speed camera)


Petite Riviere


Riviere Noire


Post will be updated with new pics as soon as available….

Say Cheeeeeeeeseee!

The government had previously announced its intentions to introduce some dozens of cameras in the next months. Well, let’s follow up the installation of these cameras!

Don’t forget to smile 🙂

143 thoughts on “Map of Mauritius showing speed cameras

Add yours

  1. Yashvin, i was at la gare victoria tonight about 7.30 pm and the camera at the motorway flashed about 6- 7 time at cars, what i mean to say is that many of the cameras installed are already operational, and the flash they are using seems way quite good since as mentionned in your post, the camera is next to royal college or something, how can it flash in such a way that the whole area experience it?

    I bet many cars have been snapped by the speed cameras.


    1. Very often there is a mobile camera next to the steel barriers that you have between the motorway and Victoria station, or sometimes behind the parapet wall which is a little bit closer to the Caudan roundabout. It must be a very good spot to flash people as this is a straight part of the motorway with a speed limit of 60 km/h only.


  2. Hi Yashvin,

    Very often there are routine checks on the Sodnac link road between the B2 “Palma Road” and Nehru Road (just in the middle of both).

    And occasionally there are Hand Radar checks after Geoffroy Road and before Beaux Songes.


  3. I’m more 2 wheels than 4 wheels. I just bought a Suzuki GSXR 750 and i can’t ride 60 mph everywhere. These cameras deserve to be crushed.Terre Rouges – 3 lane, 80kmph. RIDICULOUS BIZIN FER RODAGE PARTOU KAN ROULE DANS SA PAYS LA>MAIS GOVT LA KAN LI ROULER…… 110KMPH MINIMUM POU NOUS 80KMPH MAX SOME TIMES 90… lolz


  4. i have seen some were than there have to speed cameras in a very short distance what are they doing O.o


      1. No.

        On the SAME map, but with a different colour/shape.

        Just to show to the world how proud we are to have the record number of passive policemen (mind you: this is actually the technical name of speed-breakers abroad) on such a tiny island.

        Now, the Eurange voice, say with me:

        Le paradis. Maintenant avec 20 cameras, et bientot 140.
        Et 3,000 ‘humps’!
        Quel plaisir!
        La vie change, avec Dodoland.


  5. Enn zour bizin craze tout sa bann speed camera la .. soit peinture zot ! Sa kantiter camera la lor sa ti la grain lentil Maurice la ? Fouf ! Ena beizer ladans !


  6. More places where police use a mobile detector: Ripailles (the slope with sugarcane on both sides), Quartier Militaire (opposite the football ground – did not notice them here since the speed limit went from 40 to 60), Providence (I don’t know where, but it’s quite frequent).


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