[Updated] Maha Shivratree 2013 – Kanwar’s top part removed to start pilgrimage


This happened in Triolet yesterday evening. A kanwar was so tall that it was unable to move along the main road of Triolet. With the help of a heavy duty vehicle, people climbed on the top to disassemble the upper part which could not only easily damage electrical or telephone lines but could also cause accidents.


Below, people on the heavy duty vehicle trying to reach the top of the kanwar:

Starting the job

Now, just imagine its height and the danger of doing this thing!!!

Below, the sight of the electrical wires in the way of the kanwar, hence putting its journey to a stop:

Kanwar 3

Below, the “reduced” version of the Kanwar, once the cut-off intervention completed:

Lowering their height of Pride

As per information gathered, the kanwar was built in Triolet itself. This topic was initially discussed in 2009. Some days ago, Dultumun made the following request, I quote from DefiMedia:

[…]nous réitérons notre demande à tous les pèlerins, comme les années précédentes d’ailleurs, de ne pas se rendre à Grand-Bassin avec de grands kawars.”

[…]Pourquoi après tout transporter de grands kawars ? Les grands kawars attirent-ils plus l’attention de Shiv Shankar ? Est-ce une marque d’une plus grande dévotion ? Un kawar doit être petit et être transporté sur l’épaule. Et il sert comme pièce sur lequel on suspend la ‘ Ganga jal ‘ collectée dans une bouteille, eau sacrée qu’on ne déposera pas par terre », a ajouté Somduth Dulthumun.”

For once, I really appreciated that this guy talked sense. But soon after, a group that self-proclaimed themselves as the representatives of the hindu community claimed that they do not agree on the fact that devotees should be restricted. Below is an extract from the same newspaper:

“Bane camarades kipé fer sacrifice, pu lève zot kawar peu importe ki dimension selon zot capacité, selon zot moyens. Nu nu d’accord ek ca. Tradition reste tradition ! », a soutenu Nuvin Unoop, vice-président de l’organisation, en conférence de presse, mardi 26 février.”

Take action!

The size of the kanwar does not matter. But your devotion, beliefs and respect towards others do.

If you want people to respect you and your kanwars, respect others too. (Mostly) Everyone has the same rights in this country. Last year, another Mauritian blogger even wrote on some basic instructions for a safe journey to Grand Bassin. You probably noticed, the roads become quite a mess or rather a “dépotoire” after the pilgrimage. Plastic cups, bags, banners and other decorative items can be seen practically everywhere.

I’m not asking to ban kanwars. Far from that! Like others, I really admire and respect the glorious work done to build such kanwars. Sometimes, hats off to their creativity and devotion!

But just like other responsible people, I believe that the kanwars should be of reasonable size. It should not be about winning prizes (even if such competitions still exist nowadays). Religion is becoming some sort of fun rather than religious activity. On top of being a potential hazard to road users and the persons carrying them, many try to act as police officers to regulate traffic and to give priority to their kanwars.

Are the authorities waiting for a few to be electrocuted or killed due to their carelessness while building or carrying their kanwars to take appropriate and strict measures regarding Kanwars?

UPDATE (09 March 2013)

You won’t believe your eyes!!! The kanwar shown above had another serious facelift during its pilgrimage journey. As per this picture shot yesterday, its size has been decreased to nearly 1/2. Take your own conclusions 😉


I still stick to my words. Some kanwars and pilgrims are a shame to the hindou community.

9 thoughts on “[Updated] Maha Shivratree 2013 – Kanwar’s top part removed to start pilgrimage

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  1. Kompétision lacaz, Kompétision loto, Kompétision shopping mall, Kompétision ar voisin, Kompétision ar blanc/noir/zone/marron, Kompétision dépanse kass dan gouverneman, Kompétision pétar nouvel an, Kompétision kantité la limier divali, Kompétision gran lag**l… Ziska Kompétision kanwar gagné ! Sa zis dan nou péi ki kapav trouv sa.

    Alé, enn létap sa. Dan dé troi semaine pou gayn nou Kompétision 😀 .


  2. Mo penser ki dimounes prend la priere pou ene badinage. Enfin ki mo pou dire, dans la priere si ena fashion, nouveautés zordi jour.
    Ena ene grand organisation pou bannes hindoues mais ene zeffort zot pas faire pou educate bannes so called devotees la! 😦


  3. And to think I was stuck behind that kanwar yesterday. 2 cars behind actually! If electricity or telephone services to your home are affected as a result of this, you wouldn’t be a happy bunny 😐


  4. Haha, that’s an excellent one! Next year there might be one that is so wide that it’ll be blocked between two crash barriers…

    Another thing is also the “latante” erected everywhere and anywhere along the roads, sometimes right on the motorway with cars parked in front and crowds of people coming in and going out. Yesterday there was one, built in the axis of Plaisance’s runway on the road to Mahébourg, which was completely blown away and collapsed on the road. (See photo here.) Thank God nobody was hurt. But the traffic to Mahébourg and beyond was completely stopped until the mumbo-jumbo of steel tubes and tarpaulin was removed. I bet you nobody was fined for obstruction to traffic or putting other people’s life at risk. You don’t do things like that when religion is involved, do you?

    Pépé, you’re quite right. Ena competition entre bann minisipalité / district council osi. Sakenn pou met plis lafis ek pli grand posters lor zot “territoire”. Ena, sitan zot grand zot vinn enn ‘hazard’ pou piblik.

    Furthermore, one could wonder how can a public body like a municipality or a district council display messages like “Glory to Lord Shiva”. That they wish people of a certain faith good this or good that on certain occasions, fair enough — though one could also wonder where to stop this (Baha’is, Mormons or Buddhists to name a few don’t seem to benefit from anything) —, but to display a plainly religious message should not be the prerogative of a governmental institution. Or, as the case may be, any institution / body / company / association that is not specifically religious. If we start like that, why don’t the municipalities and district councils display posters proclaiming “Allahu akbar”, “Jesus is the best”, “Vahiguru ji ka Khalsa, Vahiguru ji ki Fateh”, or God knows what?


  5. en fait, a lepoque, kan pa ti ena transport, etc, ti bizin ena ene moyen pu sarier delo, alor zot ti fabrik en bambou ene zar trolley, pu capav sarier delo la. dan certain pays cuma burma, etc encor servi sa system bambou la pu sarier marchandise, donc si je suis correct, c kumsa ki kanwar in commencer. mai zordi nu pe fer competition kisanla so kanwar pli gran, la profondeur de la devotion ne se mesure pas par la largeur du kanwar mais par la sincerite de la foi. corrige moi si mo fin fer erer. merci


  6. so you think its a shame 2 hindu com…

    removing z upper part of z kawar in order not to break any more telephone n electric lines…. is zis a shame!!!
    So, in your opinion zey should hv continued with z upper part, breaking more lines, zen it would nt hv been a shame non!!!

    or u mean 2 say z kawar was “decreased to nearly 1/2″ was z shame!!!!
    Wen u dnt hv enough infos,, u should not do, like we say, ”PALAB”.

    infact it had coincide against a tree n the upper part (roof) had broken…
    Thats why it was decreased to 1/2 ,,, for the safety of the murti’z n for public also… as if it would not hv been removed, it could hv fallen on any1 or on z sacred murti’z.

    protecting z murti’z n people is the shame!!!!!

    i think U R A SHAME OF Z HINDU COM,,,koz u (if u r a hindu), u r disgracing our brothers n sacred festives….
    if it would hv been another com,, they would never hv done wat u did…

    now u dcide… they r a shame or YOU? !!!!

    n plz dnt go on z height… zr were other kawar higher zan zis 1…


  7. hey try to build one with more than one month of efforts, nearly over rs30,000 of funds and one month of fast n u will know wat is pride, satisfaction, and effort. not shame


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